Dept. of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (ASLP)


Millions of Bangladeshi have some type of communication disorder. Gain the knowledge and
experience that will prepare you to improve and enhance the lives of those suffering from
hearing loss, language impairment or speech disorders.
Good communication skills are critical in every aspect of our lives. All of the programs in this
department focus on enhancing communication and improving the quality of life for individuals
of all ages, from the tiniest of newborns to older stroke and trauma survivors.

First-Rate Faculty

Programs are large enough to offer a breadth of relevant coursework. At the same time, small
class sizes mean students interact regularly with fellow students and have easy access to
faculty. More than 80 percent of the department’s courses are taught by full-time faculty
members, who are committed to developing students with strong critical thinking skills, high
ethical standards, and broad knowledge of the field.

Real-World Experience

With internationally and nationally recognized health care organizations and agencies located
within minutes of campus, undergraduate and graduate students gain valuable practical
experience that builds on their coursework. Explore applied research opportunities and
community-based learning experiences that are designed to enhance the lives of individuals
with limited communication abilities.


Welcome to the Department of ASLP

Welcome to the Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (ASLP) at PISER. Our goal for undergraduate students is to give them a high-quality ASLP education that includes
hands-on experience. Each of our faculty members is ready and willing to work in their research
specialty with capable students on individual projects. Our faculty has two major areas of
research: Speech-Language Pathology & Hearing Science. Both areas strongly support the
growing this field in Bangladesh as well as all over the world.
We strive to ensure that all our students have a strong education with teaming and leadership
skills, involvement in student activities, and the practical background of co-op and internship
experience. We believe that emphasizing these areas will make our students well qualified to
take leadership roles in the future.
We also have a strong postgraduate program in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.
Our master’s students will give numerous technical presentations in courses and on their
research. All graduate students are also expected to publish their research in relevant peer-
reviewed speech, language and hearing science journals and high-level conferences.
Whether you are a current or former student, a potential student, or a visitor, please feel free
to contact or visit us. Again, welcome to The Department.


Departmental Academic Programs

a. Undergraduate Programs

1. Bachelor of Science in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (BSc-ASLP) (Apply Now)

b. Graduate Programs

1. Master of Science in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (MS-ASLP) (Apply Now)
2. Post Graduate Diploma in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (PGDSLT) (Apply Now)
3. Master of Social Science in Autism Spectrum Disorders (MS-ASD) (Proposed)
4. MPhil (Proposed)
5. Ph.D. (Proposed)

Departmental Activities

a) Orientation Program

The Department of ASLP arranges orientation programs for undergraduate and graduate
students by its capacity. In the undergraduate orientation programs, the department warmly
welcomes the fresher and provides an opportunity to exchange views among the students, and
between the teachers and students. The undergraduate orientation program aims to introduce
the newly admitted students with campus facilities such as the use of the library, campus
medical center, therapy center, etc. Besides, the students know about discipline, proctorial
rules, ethics, morality, etiquette, manners, etc. from various sessions.

b) Arranging Colloquium

The Department of ASLP arranges half-yearly colloquium where scholars in different fields
lecture on contemporary ASLP issues. These colloquiums aim to provoke students' intellectual
capabilities, to think about the contemporary world and changes, to understand how people
around the world, as well as Bangladesh, are coping and reacting with this changes and in this
context how the nature of disorders is changing and what would be the proper mechanism of
preventing communication disorders, etc.

c) Co-curricular Activities

The Department of ASLP encourages the students to participate in different games and sports
events (i.e., football, cricket, handball, etc). Hence, the students regularly participate in the
"Inter Department Football Tournament" and "Inter Department Cricket Tournament".
Similarly, the department encourages the cultural development of the students in the arena of
literature, music, dance, debate, etc.

Picture Name Designation Degree Phone Email Profile
Md. Asaduzzaman Lecturer and Program Coordinator PhD (Fellow) - DU, MPhil in Autism Spectrum Disorders and CP-DU, MSS in Speech-Language Pathology (2 Years)-DU, MA in Linguistics-DU, BA (Hons) in Linguistics-DU +8801511-515150 View
Fatima Alam Lecturer BA (Hons) in Linguistics-DU, MA in Linguistics-DU, MSS in Communication Disorders-DU, MPhil (contd.) in Autism-DU 01683607757 View
Rehana Akter Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer BSc (pass) MSc, BSEd, MSS 01911731716 View
Sayeda Asia Akter Senior Assistant Teacher BA (Hons), MA, MPhil (On Going) 01765333169 View