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Therapeutic Services


Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Assessment and Intervention Services

Proyash provides Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, sensory integration and speech and language therapy, music, aqua and yoga therapy

Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration Therapy

The purpose of Occupational Therapy is to enhance or support students’ educational goals facilitating students’ participation in the educational process. Occupational Therapy for children and young people aims to promote optimal well-being, function, independence and productivity with the context of their lifestyle and environments. This is achieved through working on the foundations for learning including sensory-motor, cognitive and psycho-social components. Occupational Therapists are also able to provide sensory integration therapy to enhance the child’s ability to engage in activities. This is particularly important for children with ADHD,Cerebral Palsy, Autism , Learning disability, Intellectually Disabled, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Writing Disability, Developmental Disability and Multiple Disabilities.


The purpose of physiotherapy is to develop motor competencies to enhance or support students’ educational goals, facilitating students’ access and participation in the educational process. Physiotherapy aims to develop students’ physical performance and prerequisite skills for functional posture and movement. This is achieved through assessment, interventions and equipment advice to enhance a students’ performance. Therapies are provided to children who experience delayed motor development particularly in regards to movement, balance and co-ordination to increase their independence. The individuals who often benefit from physiotherapy include children with cerebral palsy and down syndrome.

Hydro Therapy and Aqua Therapy

In a warm water pool, skilled Physiotherapists provide therapeutic exercises to Promote muscle relaxation Decrease muscle spasms
Increase joint movement Decreased gravity allowing muscle strengthening to improve walking and joint integrity Increase circulation and cardio-respiratory function
Increase body/posture awareness and balance..

Communication, Speech and Language Therapy

Speech-language therapy services are provided for students with disabilities in communication. The focus of these services is to enhance students’ educational programs and outcomes. Communication is essential for learning, literacy and numeracy development, interacting with others, participation in all class and school activities, and positive self-esteem. They also work with students with oromotor functioning disabilities in eating, drinking, swallowing, saliva control and speaking.

Music Therapy and Yoga

Recreational and therapeutic activities including music, dance, art, yoga, gymnastics, indoor and outdoor games are offered for all students. Community access activities and field trips including going to the park, the zoo and music concerts is part of the curriculum. As part of the home economics class cooking and sewing is included.

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