Department of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Master of Science in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (MScASLP)

Program Type: Professional Masters
Program Duration: 2 Year
Number of Level/Term: 4 (6 months per level/term/semester)
Total Courses: 22 (6+6+6+4)
Theory- 18 (54 Credits)
Practical- 3 (12 credits)
Dissertation/Thesis- 1 (9 Credits)


Total Credit: 75
Number of seats: 40
Available Since: 2016
Total Pass out/ Degree Awarded:
Minimum qualification to apply: BSCASLP or BEd (hons) in Spl & Inclusive Ed. or SLP/BSLP (hons) or MBBS or Linguistics or Psychology .
Total Fees*: BDT 120000 (including admission fees, registration fees, tuition fees, exam fees etc.)
Upcoming: Batch- 1 (MSLP- 1)
Coordinator of the upcoming batch: Md Asaduzzaman, Lecturer and Program Coordinator