Vocational School

Vocational School for the Children with Special Needs who are unable to follow the regular and special school curriculum of education after the age of 14 years. It’s objective is to provide vocational training so that they can make themselves independent to lead an economical solvent life in our society and can play significant role in our national economy. As well as promoting equal opportunities and full participation of persons with special needs.

Vocational In Charge

At the age of 14 years, when a student comes to get admitted in this vocational school, he/she is assessed by a Multidisciplinary team of this school. If he/she can fulfill the pre-requisite of vocational school, he/she will be given an observation period for 15 days for activity based assessment before final acceptance. The students are enrolled according to their age, interested, ability and aptitude.

Vocational In Charge

Activities of the Program

The students are provided with the training from eight different trades. Every trade has a workshop and curriculum here the students come from different classes for practice. In addition, functional academic curriculum is also followed.

Art, craft and graphic design

Oil painting, Water color, glass paint, Teaching aid, Pottery, Banner/signboard, Photo frame, Jewelry box, Hand bag, Event, Management, File, Candle, Astra, Shopping Bag, Card, Envelop, Wall mat, making show piece, pen stand etc.

Tailoring and garments

Cutting clothes, Sewing (Napkin, hand bag, baby suit, table mat, doll), Block, Tie-dye, Fabrics etc.

Cutting clothes, Sewing (Napkin, hand bag, baby suit, table mat, doll), Block, Tie-dye, Fabrics etc.Cutting


Binding book, Labeling, Wrapping etc.

Cutting clothes, Sewing (Napkin, hand bag, baby suit, table mat, doll), Block, Tie-dye, FabricdsfCutting clothes, Sewing (Napkin, hand bag, baby suit, table mat, doll), Block, Tie-dye,

Office management

Receptionist, Office assistant, Shop assistant, Computer assistant, Serving food in the hotel, Making tea, Cleaning the table etc.

Wood work: Cutting wood, Toy making, Repairing furniture, Rub the wood etc.

Laundry services: Operating washing machine, Washing clothes, Ironing, clothes delivery etc.

Nursery: Making soil, sowing seeds, Planting trees, watering the trees etc.

Parlor: Facial, Pedi cure, spa, hair color, hair cut etc

Computer: Ms Word, Ms Word office, Internet browsing, Download.

Cooking: Dish wash, Cleaning, Serving foods, Food items (Chop, Nodules, Pudding, Cake, Sweets, Curd, Sandwich, Chicken fry etc).

In the vocational school of Proyash now there are 6 classrooms, 81 students, 16 qualified teachers. In the students in this school there are different types of disability like- ID, ASD, CP, HI etc. The classes are allocated to the students according to their age, ability and aptitude.

Preparation Class

The age the students in this class 16-18. They all are trainee worker who needs full support to complete their work. Any particular class is divided into two category based on the gender of the students.

Production Class

The age of the students in this class 20 and above. The skilled workers are making different kinds of products according to the instructions of the instructors. Their handmade products are sold in Shena Shomver. They also make different types of teaching materials which are supplied in various classes of Proyash. A portion of the money received from the sale of the products.

Practice Class

In this class the age of the students are 18-20. The students are partially skilled for completing their work. They are prepared here for entering into the production class

Support Services: SLT, PT, Hydrotherapy, Music, Dance, Art, Cooking, Sports.

Home visit: When the teacher faces any kind of challenging/problem behavior home visits are coordinated to meet with parents managing the problem behavior.

Target of Achievement: To provide vocational training to the students so that At least 10% of the total students of vocational school can get opportunities to get a job in the competitive job market.

Exam System: Written test, Oral, Practical based.

Evaluation: A year is made up three terms consisting of four months. At the end of the each term a report of progress or recommendation for promotion or repeat in the same class is prepared for the students for developing the skills.


Some of the workers have already been employed on completion of training and doing excellent in their job. There are some significant achievements which should be mentioned. Two students from this institution is currently working at EXIM Bank, two are working at CSD, One of them is currently employed at Proyash as sports instructor, 5 students are working at the different branches of Transcom Foods Limited, Dhaka . Some skilled workers are getting ready for gainful employment.