Inclusive education

All children benefit from inclusive education.Children have different learning styles and learning paces. Learning and working with children from different cultures from different regions, with different abilities and different social situations prepares children for a world where diversity is the reality of life. Inclusion is an “unending set of processes” in which children and adults with disabilities have the opportunity to participate fully in ALL community activities offered to people who do not have disabilities.

Inclusive education is ————

 Educating children with disabilities in the schools they would attend if they did not have disabilities.

 Providing services and support that parents and children with disabilities need in order to be in normal settings

 Supporting regular education teachers and administrators.

 Having children with disabilities follow the same schedule as other children

 Encouraging friendships between children with disabilities and their classmates/peers without disabilities

 Teachers and administrators taking these concerns seriously

 Teaching ALL children to understand and accept differences

(Source: UNESCO – at the UN – Committee on Rights of the Child- October6, 1997- Centre for Human Rights, Geneva)

Munmun Jahan

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