School of Visual Impairments

Proyash School for Visually Impaired is a school for blind, low vision and students for multiple disabilities. Here students get necessary supports for different areas like cognitive, academic, motor and activities of daily living. Different sensory issues of each student are also taken in concern for further improvement and solving associated problems. In school of visual impairment, blind students are oriented with Braille method. Parents are given necessary outline for appropriate home support.

The objectives of the school are supporting students with visual need at school and home with necessary guidelines and support services for developing age appropriate academic readiness, life and social skills resulting maximum social inclusion.

Curriculum Focused

Proyash School of Visual Impairment focused on:

• Reducing sensory problems
• Developing visual and tactile stimulation
• Increase age appropriate cognitive, understanding level and necessary life skills
• Appropriate academic readiness of blind or low vision students and also students with multiple disabilities
• Providing necessary logistic supports for students and parents at home and schools

VI In Charge

Jannatul Ferdous Jannat

Enrollment System

Enrollment system of Proyash school of Visual Impairment starts with assessment done by central assessment team. For enrolling school of visual impairment vision assessment done by eye specialist is essential. After assessment students are sent to schools for 15 days observation where the special educators note down their actual needs, areas of excellences, areas of challenges, areas of interests and other related issues. After reporting the students are placed in appropriate classroom.

Proyash School of Visual Impairment has three different levels:

Junior level

Students less than 7 years are given services in this level. They get pre academic, visual, motor and sensory stimulation supports. Besides, different social, activities of daily living activities are also taken in concern in this level. Activities of Junior Level are sensory stimulation, motor activities, physical activities, group storytelling and dancing etc.

Middle level

Students qualified from junior level are improved in middle level. Here blind, low vision and student with multiple disable children get support from their respective level. In this level, activities are also taken in advanced level.

Senior level

After successful complication of middle level students get improved in senior level. Activities are more defined in this level that leads to an independent social life.

Quality for Improvement

Each student has to able to do at least 70% of taken activities independently in each academic year to get improved in next level.

Support Service

The support services besides classroom activities are given below:
• Speech and Language Therapy
• Occupational therapy
• Physiotherapy

Co-Curricular Activities

The main Co-Curricular activities of this school is music and dance.

Home Visit

In recognition of parents and school authority, home visit may be taken place once in a year

Computer Training

A student need to qualify some basic skills to take computer training.

Exam System

The school has .three semester
semester 1: January to April;
semester 2: May to August
semester 3: September to December


For evaluation, students’ friendly multidimensional evaluation system is used.