School of Primary Education

Primary and Secondary school of Proyash believes that students of this school, all type of children with special needs and additional learning requirements, are entitled to an excellent education that provides them with a genuine opportunity to succeed. With this believe Primary and secondery school of Proyash is working since 2009 with the vision of preparing the children for mainstreaming society.

Objective of Primary and Secondary School

  • To acquire the ability to listen, understand, read and write correctly and spontaneously.

  • To achieve essential arithmetic skill which is necessary to lead his daily living activities.

  • To achieve maximum competencies of primary education, carry out it and enter into mainstreaming.

  • To be independent in activities for daily living as per student’s ability.

  • To ensure a creative, favorable and joyful learning environment for the students to increase their learning ability.

Primary In Charge

Primary In Charge

Eligibility of Primary and Secondary School

All type of children with special needs who have interest and ability to cope up with academic activities are eligible for this school. Here school enrollment is starts from the age of 6 and Flexibility to school age is also offered.

Pre-Primary School

Before the children begin their formal education it is important to give them an environment which will help them to prepare mentally and physically for learning. With this objective One year pre-primary schooling is introduced in this school. National curriculum and textbook board curriculum for pre-primary education is following here with flexibility to inspire children to learn new skills and go to the school. Teaching learning process is conducted here in a pleasant environment with love and care to explore student’s spontaneous vigor, spirit and curiosity. Teaching is delivering in these classes through pictures, models, real objects, attractive and simple education materials, rhymes, songs and games by one to one or group work activities.

Primary School

To achieve the maximum competencies of primary education primary school is conducted its educational services for the students of class-i to class-v using national curriculum in a flexible way. Subject matters are presented here as simple as possible using motivating teaching materials through attractive teaching learning process like demonstration, hands on, visual based learning, role play, computer aided learning etc. from the year of 2011 to 2014, 14 students of this school appeared Primary School Certificate (PSC) Examination and successfully passed.

Secondary School

To extend and consolidate the knowledge acquired during primary education the secondary classes is working with all types of children with special needs using national curriculum with flexibility through individualized and group activities, project method, group discussion, question answer, field trip etc. Class vi to class viii students are studying in this school and for the first time 4 of the students are prepared to seat for the examination of Junior school Certificate (JSC) in this year. The students of class ix and x are following the curriculum of Bangladesh Open University and two of the students already passed the SSC Part 1.

Unique Characteristics of Primary and Secondary School

   Target to mainstreaming:   The main objective of this school is to prepare the students for the mainstreaming school. So that, in each and every class tries to reach this goal.

    Individualized support services:   Each of the students get individualized support and care for their teaching learning process.

    Following IEP:   Each student is unique; with this believe primary and secondary school prepare IEP for each of the students on academic activities and other developmental domain.

    Therapeutic support services:   Not only academic activities but also others developmental areas like socialization, communication, motor, sensory and behavior needs are also addressed here and students get therapeutic support services like OT, PT, SLT, Hydrotherapy as per their needs. . .

   Peer tutoring:   To promote a supporting environment peer tutoring is emphasize in the classes.

   Individualized teaching :    Every student has individual learning abilities. Rely on this, primary and secondary school of Proyash provides different types of child centered teaching learning methods and strategies.

    Computer based learning:   Students are get involved with computer based learning and ipad is also provided here to promote the teaching learning process.

    Combination of two curriculums:   With the NCTB curriculum special education curriculum for the development of others domain like social-emotional, motor, language and communication, Activities of daily living is also used here. Success of a nation depends on education of its people. With this in mind primary and secondary school of Proyash going forward with the students with special needs to established the right of inclusion.