School of Children with Autism

Autism is a life-long developmental Disability that prevents people from understanding what they see, hear and other senses. It results of severe problems with social relationships, communication, and behavior

Autism School Incharge

Farhana Naznin Soma


Entry & Enrollment

At least 70 students are studying at school of Autism. When a student comes, multi disciplinary team (MDT) is observed him/her for 2 weeks. Mainly MDT observe his/ her responses in different areas such as social, communication, cognitive, motor, emotional and activities of daily living, his/her needs, area of interests, appropriate reinforcement, likes/dislikes etc..
After observation, they are placed in junior or middle section according to their level and age.

Autism School Incharge

Sultan Ahmed Murad

Junior level

Middle level


  • To integrate them in the society

  • To increase the skill of ADL, Social & Communication level of the student

  • To provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and Behavior therapy

  • To provide parents counseling service

  • To generate awareness about autism in society.

Diagram of School

School of Autism:

Junior Section:Junior Reception Junior Level 1, Junior Level 2, Junior Level 3, Junior Academic Redness Junior Girls, Middle Section: Middle Level- 1, Middle Level- 2, Middle Level- 3,


In this school mainly curriculum depend on

i. student age
ii. level of the students
iii. needs of the students

Main topics of the junior and middle section communication are

i. early communication and socialization part
ii. concept development
iii. self help skill( such as dressing, grooming) and daily living activities part
Each classroom activities depends on this curriculum We are also following the NCTB curriculum and we teach them basic concept of functional activities such as – block, sewing, cooking, cutting etc Therapy program (SLT, OT, PT, Behavior modification) included in their curriculum. Each therapy depends on student level and their need.

Age Range

Extra Curriculum

Outing: Field Trip and recreational activities, Such as Shisu Mela, shopping mall etc visit.
Co-curricular activities : Music, dance, art, sports, physical activities and swimming.
Meeting with parents : Frequent meeting with parents ensure a team approach
Home Visit Program : Regular home visits are coordinated to ensure a holistic approach to education

Proyash school of Autism provides need based support for each autistic child. In this school, students’ age range is near about 6-14 years.

Class room Activities

From 8.30 to 1.30 pm students are engaged different types of activities such as-
Assembly, Circle time, storytelling, pretend play, individual activities, group activities, sensory activities, cooking, I pad and computer training, outdoor and indoor play, music, dance, swimming, art and crafts, outing etc.