School of Cerebral Palsy and Physically Challenged

Children who are diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy with multiple disabilities such as motor and speech along with intellectual disabilities are enrolled in this school. This school comprises of three levels of classes. They are

Level -I : Junior classes, students age between 6 to 8 years
Lelve-II : Middle classes, students age between 9 to 12 years
Level-III: Senior classes, students age between 13 to 18 years

This school has own Curriculum to provide Individual Educational Program (IEP) for students. The primary goal of this school is to enable the students to adapt to the environment and increase their Physical and mental ability.

Junior Level 1

The students of Junior and middle classes are receiving training in all the daily living ctivities (Toileting, dressing, feeding, grooming and self-help skills), Communication nd Socialization, pre-concept of reading, writing, counting and functional academics for aily life skills. Beside these, they also attend co-curricular activities (dance, music, art, Hydrotherapy and sports). Most of them need therapies. Physical therapist, Speech-anguage and Occupational therapist provide stimulation to maintain high level of support in meeting their individual physical needs.

Senior Girls

Students of level 3 are manageable and trainable. In these classes students are getting different theraputing intervention along with educational teaching. Some of them made excellent improvement in their academic area, Flexible National Curriculum of Textbook Board (NCTB) is being followed to teach the students.

Assistive Devices

Assistive device are using for the improvement of their height amount of Physical level and prevent their any deformity and contracture. These Devices are:
Special and Modified Chair Standing frame Abductor Weadge
Boxtool T-Abductor, Big size Sandbag Walker,Wheelchair Ladder,Parallalbar Modified Toilet, Roller set on Wall Pulling, AFO, KFO Hand Splinter

Modified spoon, knife and fork for feeding Modified Pencil, Pen for writing
These devices are using in the classroom as well as in the home to maintain their improvement of Physical, Academic and their Daily living Activities.
The teachers of this school and Therapist work as a team to develop functional, meaningful and sustainable Physical and learning opportunities. This assists is motivating the students and developing greater level of independent according to their Physical ability.