Piser Programs

The institution offers both short-term and long-term programs leading to Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees, which are conventional as well as innovative. Most of these programs have been developed based on the demand for such Programs in disability sector. They are launched with a view to fulfill the learner’s needs for:
Improvement of skills,
Acquisition of professional qualifications,
Continuing education and professional development at work place,
Diversification and updation of knowledge & Empowerment.

Master of Special Education (MSEd)

1-year, 3 Levels(semister), 60 Credits

M Sc in Audiology & Speechlanguage Pathology

2-year, 4 Levels(semister), 75 Credits

Bachelor of Education (hons) in Special Education

4-year, 8 Levels(semister), 151 Credits

B Sc (Hons) in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology

5-year, (in-cluding 1 year Internship), 8 Levels(semister), 151 Credits

Bachelor of Special Education (BSEd)

1-year, 3 Levels(semister), 55 Credits

Post Graduate Diploma on Speech Language Therapy & Audiology (PGDSLT)

1-year, 60 Credits

Certificate Course on Disability Management & Education-Executive

4-Monts, 20 Credits

Certificate Course on Disability Management & Education (CDMEd)

3-Monts, 20 Credits

Proyash runs a number support services to help the existing programs and provide better services for the children with special needs and staff. In 2013, PROYASH opened Proyash Institute of special Education and research (PISER). This institute is affiliated with Bangladesh University of Professional’s (BUP)
The Institute offers a post graduate degree to teachers on Bachelor of special Education (BSEd) and post graduate diploma to speech therapy and audiology. The duration of the programs are one year and every program has three levels (Level-I concept development, level-II advance, Level-III practicum). The level -I is same for both the programs. This year 50 graduate student-teachers will be awarded.
Two special (Certificate course on disability management) programs have been started for the Govt. officials /technicians are working in community satellite clinic and of social welfare ministry in 54 districts.
These trainees received training in physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. They can serve as resource person to provide early intervention and management in remote areas.
The Institute plans to include a diploma in Occupational Therapy and a Diploma in Early Childhood Development into its curriculum. The institute plans to develop itself as resource centre in disability for Bangladesh. Through this process it will offer a range of professional development opportunities including extension programs, in service courses and refreshers courses on autism. This institute when developed to its full capacity will assist to address the issues surrounding disability in Bangladesh including awareness and education.