Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP)

ECDP provides early special education to children with significant educational support needs arising from a disability. This program aims to develop skills and behaviours for children between the ages 2 to 5 years to maximize their participation in schooling. It supports and values parents’ attendance as the program aims to empower parents in their role. The Aim of ECDP is to create a safe and child friendly learning environment where they receive stimulation in the major areas of development on the basis of individual need. The special education teacher also train the parents as to how to successfully teach their children at home in daily-living skills such as feeding, toileting, dressing, eating. The ECDP class is divided into five groups according to their age and functional levels. Initial 02 years they attend the mother-child stimulation class and for next 01 year depending on their academic and functional progress the children are transferred to school readiness class.

Working with parents as a partner of teachers and therapists the best possible outcome has achieved. The physical arrangement of ECDP includes free play area, block area, art area, books and reading corner, group activity areas for SLT, Young athlete practice, Play, music, dance, exercise and yoga. It has a quiet room for rest and a corner for sensory integration activities.

Ecdp In Charge

Classes of ECDP


Teachers give hands on training to the mother, so that they can follow and conduct some activities at self-care are as follows:

    • Self care and habits (toileting, washing, grooming, waiting for own turns, say please, thank you, communication, socialization and play skill training and motor development).
    • Pre academic – more emphasis on academic performance (reading, concept number, drawing).
    • Music and dance class for improving vocabulary.
    • Art and craft work to improve imagination and creativity
    • Developmental therapy-OT, PT and SLT
    • Sports, yoga, gymnastics, field trips, outings, picnic, swimming
    • National day observance

Activities of ECDP

      These young kids with special needs are attending the following five classes:

        • Reception – early care and stimulation
        • Reception and Intensive care
        • Early childhood education and Independence class
        • Early stimulation class for cochlear implantation
        • School readiness and pre-primary class



The curriculum is focused on the children meeting their relevant developmental milestones. The strategies promote interactive care and to minimize functional impacts of children at risk .The curriculum focuses on:

    • Early Communication and socialization.
    • Object stage.
    • ADL (during snack time feeding independently, pouring water into glass, eat food with finger and spoon, drink or sip liquids, put on and pull off dress, toileting, grooming).
    • Encourage imitation.
    • Picture stage.
    • Self help skills.
    • Picture and object stage.
    • Concept development.
    • Cognitive development (matching, sorting, filling etc).
    • Academic ideas (Alphabet, numbers etc).
    • Pre-writing skills development.

Other Support Services


    • Intensive therapy from OT, SLT, PT
    • Psychological support
    • Diet management