Barriers to Inclusion

Barriers to Inclusion

• Lack of understanding of the characteristics of disabilities and its educational implications.

• No formal assessments resulting in loose labelling of the child.

• Always looking for ‘fixing’ the problem

• Lack of communication among professionals e.g. mainstream teachers, management, resource staff, doctors and other paraprofessionals.

• Professional ego clashes.

• Lack of Multi disciplinary team approach.

• Successful strategies not shared between teachers.

The only barrier to inclusion is BAD ATTITUDE”

We can divide 3 levels of barriers to inclusion in Bangladesh —-

Individual level

• Lack of Education and knowledge

• Negative self-concept

• Negative attitudes

• Lack of awareness

• Expectation of miracle or cure

• Over protection

• Lack of information about available service

• Poverty

Community level—–

• Lack of Early intervention

• Negative attitude

• Lack of Accessibility

• Lack of Special educator

• Lack of Learning material

• Lack of Awareness about policy

System level ———

• Lack of Knowledge

• Lack of Interest

• Lack of Budgetary Allocations

• Lack of Policy implementation

• Lack of Collaboration

• Lack of Inadequate data

• Lack of Trained professionals

• No Flexible curriculum

The only barrier to inclusion is BAD ATTITUDE”

———Munmun jahan, Special educator.

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