About Proyash

‘Proyash’ – a specialized institute which provides services for holistic development of the children with special educational needs through multidimensional programmes.

The institute also serves as training and research centre for the development of special education teachers and therapists.

Proyash branches at Savar, Bogra, Sylhet, Ghatail, Chittagong, Comilla, Jessore and Rangpur Cantonment also conduct similar programmes.




To emerge as a centre of excellence through multidimensional activities to explore and develop full potential of each individual with special needs to integrate them into the society


  • To provide education, training and therapy for rehabilitation of the children and youth with special needs
  • To generate awareness about disabilities in the society
  • To provide professional degrees and training for parents, teachers and professionals; and carry out research for development
  • To promote equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation of person with special needs


PROYASH has a number of core programs which exemplify the growth of the services provided. Future services include –
A second shift or after school program for children and youth and to open child and youth club
A regular English medium inclusive school attached with a day care service to serve more children and for children with special needs.
Planning social enterprise activities for income generation for both the organization and the individuals from PROYASH employed through the business.
At present the existing programs and services are run under four specialized institutes at PROYASH. The core program is as follows:
Organizational Structure/Chart of PROYASH

At a very early age (2-3 years) a child with special needs is admitted to ECDP. ECDP provides early special education to children with significant educational support needs arising from a disability. This program aims to develop skills and behaviors for children between the ages 2 to 5 years to maximize their participation in schooling. The curriculum of ECDP is focused on the children meeting their relevant developmental milestones.


In the Education System of Proyash Institute of Special Education the special students start from Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP) at the age of 2-3 years and continue till they attain the main objective of Proyash i.e. either mainstream or rehabilitation through job placement, by the time they reach at the age of 18-22 years. Throughout the system, from ECDP to end of secondary education, the students are tried to merge with the mainstream education based on their development through inclusive education program. If any student could not be mainstreamed by the age of 14/16 years, he/she is rehabilitated through vocational training on any suitable trade and prepared for job placement. To attain the objective, apart from special education program, NTCB curriculum is followed at every stage and therapeutic support services are provided.

The strategies promote interactive care to minimize functional impacts of children at risk. At the age of 5 years the student will be either mainstreamed and attend regular schools if he can attain developmental milestones; or promoted to special schools or inclusive schools based on his/her development. To address all kinds of disabilities, five (05) special schools are established to provide educational opportunities and facilities.

Each special need child is offered the most appropriate class for the specific types, age and ability. The age ranges of the students in the schools are between 6 years to 14 years. Each special school comprises of nine classes and each class has different curriculum. The nine classes are grouped in three levels: Junior, Middle and Senior level. Junior level follows the curriculum of pre-primary and primary class up to class IV and middle school follows the curriculum of class V to class VII.

The senior level or Prevocational class is equivalent to class VIII. The curriculum of all special schools is prepared following NCTB curriculum and the therapeutic activities are also offered for children for their needs. The Subject matters at different levels are: Academic Education Programme, Training in self-help skills, Sports, Co-curricular activities, Skill development (pre-vocational training). Throughout these 8 years the child has the option to be mainstreamed through inclusive education program. The inclusive education program consists of Bangla and English medium Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary; and Vocational schools. The students of Bangla medium primary and secondary level are taught following the NCTB curriculum with flexibility. There is a separate curriculum followed for emotional development and self-expression. Music, dance, sports and swimming are introduced as co-curricular activities for these students. Special therapy and training are continued to attain developmental milestones, appropriate social and activities of daily to maximize their independence. Curriculum and IEP are specially designed with emphasis on individual needs of the students.

The English medium school is designed both for regular students and children with special needs where the ratio of special and regular children is 1:10. The school will have classes from Play group to O’ Level, where at the moment this school has up to Grade-III. The Cambridge curriculum is followed in this school and the curriculum is adapted without compromising the standard only for children with special needs. Students after graduating from special and primary school (unable to follow regular curriculum and became older) of Proyash at the age of 14/15 years, are promoted to vocational school. Vocational School provides training to the special student in different trades. It is intended to improve their skills for future employment, hence providing them with a sense of independence, purposeful and meaningful life. The students are trained at vocational school up to 18 years of age and prepared for

placement for job. However, adults who could not be rehabilitated till the age of 22 years will join Adult Leisure and Learning Program (ALLP) for spending meaningful time for leisure, learning and also to provide respite to the caregiver. These individuals are to enjoy healthy and active lifestyle using indoor and outdoor based activities, music, dance, swimming, gym, games, cooking and field trips.

The education system of Proyash is designed keeping developmental milestone in consideration. Moreover, the rate of development with respect to age is also influenced the designing of education system. That is why more emphasis is given at ECDP (age 2-6 years) to mainstream the children with special needs at the earliest. However, the scope of mainstreaming is also kept open at 6 to 14 years of age, while attending either special school or inclusive school, when the rate of development is relatively less. Finally, those who could not be mainstreamed will be rehabilitated through vocational training. Thus, Proyash will able to achieve its objective i.e. mainstreaming or rehabilitation.