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Admission open for B. Sc in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology and B. Ed in Special and Inclusive Education


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National IT Competition for youth with Disabilities

National IT competition for Youth with Disabilities held on 6 may 2017 in the campus of University of Asia Pasific. The event is meant for four categories of Youth with Disabilities. A total of 81 differently-able youths 7 students of proyash took part in the competition in two categories. two of them became winners and ...


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দৈনিক মানবজমিনে প্রকাশিত প্রয়াস এর বিশেষ সংবাদ

দৈনিক মানবজমিনে প্রকাশিত প্রয়াস সর্ম্পকৃত সংবাদ


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Barriers to Inclusion

Barriers to Inclusion • Lack of understanding of the characteristics of disabilities and its educational implications. • No formal assessments resulting in loose labelling of the child. • Always looking for ‘fixing’ the problem • Lack of communication among professionals e.g. mainstream teachers, management, resource staff, doctors and other paraprofessionals. • Professional ego clashes. • ...


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Mission of Child to child

The mission of Child to child is to create spaces where children and young people are listened to and taken seriously in the exercise of their rights. We believe that given the chance, children can play a critical role in solving the problems they face. When children work together, they can change their world. Children’s ...


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Inclusive education

All children benefit from inclusive education.Children have different learning styles and learning paces. Learning and working with children from different cultures from different regions, with different abilities and different social situations prepares children for a world where diversity is the reality of life. Inclusion is an “unending set of processes” in which children and adults ...

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