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About PROTTOY – An Inclusive English School

A comprehensive early childhood care and pre-primary education program is essential for the physical, psychological, social, emotional and moral development of all children. A very limited regular school allows children with disabilities to enrol in the school, sometimes they are unaddressed by teachers. If all children including children with disabilities are given stimulation and education together in the same class (inclusive setting) both can learn from each other and receive peer support. The aim of this this inclusive school is to provide pre-school (kindergarten) and primary to secondary education for all children. To facilitate each child’s full potential, all the classes provide multi-sensory curriculum. Modern techniques and effective communication ensure that lessons and activities are motivating, relevant and joyfull. Extracurricular activities offer the overall development of a child’s potential.

Private Tuition
a. Private tuition is not encouraged unless written permission is given by the Head of School.
Students taking private tuition from a PROTTOY teacher without written permission will be expelled immediately.
The school regularly arranges remedial classes for students requiring extra attention.
Parents, guardians or students are advised not to present any gifts to teachers. Any gift-giving could result in the suspension or expulsion of the student.
a. The PROTTOY diary is the easiest, most accessible and the preferred method of communication between the school and parents. Messages for individual teachers and comments or queries about homework should be noted in the diary.
School diaries should be checked and signed by parents daily.
In addition to homework assignments, it often contains important notices and information.
Minor issues can be dealt by the class teacher through messages exchanged via the student’s diary.
The diary check record at the beginning of the diary and the health and hygiene sheet and fortnightly reports at the end of the diary must be signed by the parent / guardian on a regular basis in order to maintain consistency throughout the school year.

Respect for School and Personal Property
a. Students are required to be respectful of others’ belongings, using them only with permission. A student who steals or damages any property not belonging to him/her may be required to make appropriate restitution. Though the school manages a lost and found at the school office, students are strongly encouraged to take good care of their personal belongings. Parents should mark their child’s special belongings with names and I.D. numbers.
Students are required to use equipment and materials in school for their intended purposes only. They will be held accountable for improper care of school books, educational materials, school furniture and their classrooms.
Parents of students who damage, misplace, deface or destroy school property will be billed for damages.
In addition, the student will be accorded appropriate punishment by the disciplining authority.
Students should make every effort to respect school property and keep it neat and clean at all times.
Students should not bring valuable items to school including expensive pens, jewellery, watches, electronic equipment (including mobile phones, CD’s and CD players) and unreasonable amounts of cash. Students are encouraged not to bring sums of money to school unless absolutely necessary, nor should they lend to or borrow from other students. PROTTOY will not bear responsibility for recovering any money that has been loaned or valuables that may be alleged to be stolen. Disallowed equipment will be confiscated by the school authorities if found by teachers during random checks and only be returned at the end of the school year to parents or guardians.

Fees and Payments

a. All fees and charges must be paid by stipulated due dates. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of enrolment.
End-of-term report cards will not be issued unless all school bills have been cleared.
For those students who wish to remain at PROTTOY the following year, it must be ensured that the miscellaneous charges are paid up within the stipulated period of time given by the accounts office.
The school reserves the right to change any fees or charges without prior notice.

Dress Code

a. Students are expected to wear the correct and complete school uniform to school each day, as well as the sports/ games uniform during games or ECA’s and during gym classes.
Neatness and cleanliness are encouraged. Uniforms should be clean and pressed, shoes should be polished.
Students arriving in incorrect or incomplete uniform will be punished and parents will be required to send the appropriate uniform to school.
Students are not allowed to wear make-up to school or any kind of trinkets, baubles, or coloured ribbons, other than black, blue or white. No hair dye is to be used by students.

Cheating and Plagiarism

a. Any form of cheating, whether in class work, class tests or examinations will be dealt with very strictly and could lead to suspension or expulsion.
Instances of plagiarism (copying the work of others) will also be considered for suspension or expulsion.

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